Capacity Building


We are equipping the next generation of movement leaders with the tools, analysis, and energy to build Black people’s power to abolish the criminal legal system. Our training uses multiple methodologies, including body-based and healing-centered practices, resilience work, Black Joy, and technical organizing skills. No matter what level of experience they come in with, people leave our training with a greater skill set, clearer on their commitment, their purpose, and more connected to the movement for Black Liberation.

We coach to take a journey with people, help them discover what they want to create, and provide space for them to access their own internal wisdom and operationalize it for the sake of Black Liberation. Our coaching isn’t therapy or consulting. Instead, we engage in co-created relationships where we support leaders to unearth the answers they hold within and embrace their inherent power.



We’re changing the way we talk about abolition in everyday Black communities and fostering a conversation that is accessible and intersectional. We do this by exploring our lived experience with systemic oppression and the forces behind them—anti-blackness, patriarchy, capitalism, and ableism. We give people the opportunity to confront these systems in their organizing and make different choices in their everyday lives. This work is anchored by our semi-annual political education cohort, and our coaching and communications work.

The movement needs people power institutions to continually develop new leaders, new capacities, and new strategies and sustain them over time. We are creating a cohort to support new and emerging organizations to build the organizational culture, resources, and structures to fight for liberation. Black directly impacted organizations need different cultures and practices that honor everyone’s dignity and humanity. Through the cohort, we are providing coaching, peer support, and collective learning to organizational leaders.