Mass Liberation Project as told by
our community...

Qiana Johnson Life After Release

“Mass Liberation has been holding down directly impacted organizations in a way that no one has before. It has been their support that has allowed Life After Release to take off and reach its true potential.”

“The Mass Liberation Project has been our North Star since 2018. Their thought leadership and development strategies have paved a path for new-era Black abolitionist organizing that builds political power not only by centering, but actualizing local directly impacted leadership.”

Lola N’Sangou
Mass Liberation Arizona

Nick Buckingham Michigan Liberation

“MassLib stands up to that value of doing what they say. It’s a band of misfits that actually cares about liberation for Black people and what we need to get there.”

“Mass Liberation will always be where I learned that my incarceration could be a validation. All of the shame and embarrassment that I was healing from, here comes Mass Liberation explaining to me that we want Directly Impacted to lead, not testify at Leg, or go to a Barbeque at a park, but build an Organization. Mass Liberation invested in me with a fellowship that was my first income in Nevada. As a co-director today, directly at the fingertips of Mass Liberation I can never fully relay my appreciation for the life changing investment in me personally and my family.”

Jagada Chambers
Mass Liberation Nevada

“At MassLib you can feel how we hold each other and keep each other safe.”

Ashley Daniels
Michigan Liberation