Black Intensive Groundwork Training


Mass Lib is committed to creating training spaces for Black people that increase the collective organizing capacity of grassroots organizations on the frontline of Abolition and Black Liberation. This training is an invitation for new organizers to learn the nuts and bolts of grassroots structured organizing, be in black resilience and ultimately to heal. For all these reasons, we are excited to announce the save the date for our second annual Black Intensive Groundwork: Comprehensive 6 day training!

Course Components

  • Somatics: A healing methodology that utilizes body based practices to create more awareness in our soma for the sake of our individual and collective liberation. We use somatics in this training as a tool for reflecting on our own leadership and exploring ways to deepen our capacity to be in community and support the development of others.

  • Theory of Change: Understanding the ecology of movements and movement history 

  • Cycles of Structured Organizing: Understanding and identifying the rhythm of organizing

  • Power Building Fundamentals: The purpose of community leadership and strategic targeting for issue campaigns

  • Self-Interest & Declarations: Building clarity and alignment around core values 

  • Relational Organizing & Leadership Development: The strategic process of developing leaders and strengthening institutional capacities 

  • Resilience: Exploring pathways to offer ourselves techniques for joy & sustainability

  • Research & Action Planning: Developing skills for information sourcing and bringing more energy and efficiency to our planning, events and actions.

  • Accountability: Creating a culture of support, follow up and follow through




Sept 17, 2023
Sept 24, 2023




Palm Harbor, Fl